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In this world, so many people are interested in taking various photos and after the invention of high digital camera; it has been increased in large numbers. The digital camera gives us the facility to share photos with friends and families through internet very easily. But, it has been increased more after addition of cameras in smart phones as people prefer smart phones with camera over the digital camera.

As per the latest survey in the market, the sale of digital camera with medium price rate has started decreasing as the smart phone sale has started increasing in the market throughout the world. So, taking this thing into mind, most of the smart phones companies have already collaborate with the camera companies. The manufacturer of the digital camera now enhancing the development of the camera in a new technology to built it with high quality in the smart phones.

There are so many reasons why people are preferring camera in the smart phone over the digital camera.

Convenience Factor:

The first reason it is very convenience to carry and use. People always carry smart phones with them and keep switch on the phone. So, if they want to click any picture at any time then they can do it by just pointing out and shoot the image. But for digital camera, it is not possible to carry this everywhere and if you are carrying this, then you need to first switch on the digital camera before using it. So, it is very convenient from user point of view.

Easy to Share Images with Others:

If you shoot any image from digital camera and want to share it with others, then first you need to transfer the video or image into laptop or computer. With the help of internet connection, you can then share the images. But for mobile phone, you just need to click the images or videos and then directly share them with your friends or family. You can send them through either Wi-Fi or Blue tooth to other devices and easily post them in Social networking sites instantly.

Multi- Tasking Use:

Though the images and videos quality of digital camera is much better than smart phones but it can only use for this single purpose whereas, the smart phone can be used for multi-tasking purpose. Mobile phones provides the facilities of incoming and outgoing calls, messages and so many other online tasks like email checking, social networking, browsing, photo uploading etc.

In fact, with the latest and modern smart phones, people are not even using calculator, clock, i-pod etc. These are the factors that mobile phone companies are trying to give more features by building greater quality camera in the smart phones and thus the sale of smart phones is increasing rapidly.

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